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Sauna nightlife according to their own way, to leisure and entertainment. The so-called "independent self", to put it plainly, is to live at night in the way you like. The so-called "in your own way" is how you live. In the eyes of others, "live your life in your own way" has become the only success of "live your life". Is that true in reality? I said: Yes!


Although we are surrounded by people or people, but if you just grab a person and ask him, "Did you live according to your own choices and wishes before and now?" It is estimated that at least 99.1415926 percent of the respondents will say to you, "No." Why? Because it's so hard to do that!


When you were a child, you didn't want to go to kindergarten, but did you do it? When you are a child, you don't want to learn piano, gymnastics, dancing, painting... But once adults let you learn, is your struggle effective? When you go to school, after work... In short, as you grow older, you will feel more and more that you are not choosing, but adapting time after time! It's just like my ideal or my volunteer, which hundreds of millions of people have written on the same topic. A few years later, looking back, how many people have really realized their ideal or volunteer?! Most of the people's hopes in their youth were destroyed by the bitter rain in reality.~~


Finally, the only choice left is to live. So, rack your brains and do it by all means, just to live a better life than others. Successful, you can "eat, drink and play" at will. Failure, but also had to "die better than live" as their motto for the rest of their lives!

“不为诗意,不为风雅,不为禅定。只为将日子过成一杯白开水的平淡,一碗清粥的简单,也许只有这样生活才会少一些失去,多一些如意。 ” ​​​这句话是我今儿一早看到的。按此说法,白开水一样平淡、一碗清粥那样简单的生活是最好的,嗯,这个俺做到了。但仅有清粥还是远远不够的,因为它少了——酒!

"Not for poetry, not for elegance, not for meditation. Only in order to make life a cup of plain boiled water, a bowl of porridge simple, perhaps only in this way will life be less lost, more satisfactory. I saw this sentence this morning. According to this statement, life as plain as boiled water and as simple as a bowl of porridge is the best. Well, I did it. But porridge alone is not enough, because it is less - wine!


Hello, I feel very good when I see you on this topic. Because you say, what do you think of living and how do you live? A simple sentence shows that this topic is not finished in one sentence, because everyone is alive, some people are alive, he is dead, some people are dead, he is still alive, the meaning is different, some people have died alive heart, what is right, nothing interested, what is not a hobby, no hope in the heart, full of despair, let parents follow the sad and sad. Wound,


Living without confidence, dying without determination, doing nothing, gnawing the old people do not go out to fight, first up, successful people. Longan is positive, there is a kind of atmosphere, righteousness, courage, oneself came to this world, left shoulder mission right shoulder responsibility, with responsibility to constantly struggle, always let oneself live in this world, to have meaning, love life, you struggle, I am happy in it. Never complain or complain.


Only when we are alive, we have to do something for our destiny. The quality of life is also different. The living people just have enough to eat, three o'clock, and repeat every day. They go home to eat and sleep at work. Successful people always ask me how to live better. Every day, they plan their own life and let their families live happily with him. We sit down and meditate. We come here. Why is the world coming? Why are we alive?


This is very important. We must take a responsibility and mission to create a happy and healthy home. I remember a saying that is very good. Some people are 80 years old, 18 years old, 18 years old, 18 years old, 80 years old, living in a good mood, our fate is good. If we are not in a good mood, we will be overwhelmed by difficulties as long as we live. Well, we must use our unwillingness to make progress to make our life full of sunshine.


We love the world, we love everyone, we need to use our kindness to love you, our greatest happiness, we are still alive, we must live out the quality, not the quantity, we must live in good health, I live like a show to myself, so there is a difference between living and how it is, I want to live like it. Tell yourself often,


Although I haven't come back in Wuhan, I have a future. As long as I live, everything will realize my dream, we must use our soup feet to measure the world, to realize our dream, we want to be a dream come true, we want to be a person who does something for the people who have a destiny, we want to be a useful person in the world, not a person who sits and eats three empty days, we want to be a person who likes it in Wuhan. People who live at night in sauna.


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