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The US immigration policy is becoming more and more rigorous



According to the US "World News" report, immigration interviews can be described as "one foot" for applicants pursuing the American dream. In recent years, with the increasingly strict immigration policy, not only the type of immigration interviews has increased. There are even more people who have noticed that the interviewer's problems are getting more and more difficult. Among them, there are many "fishing" and "pits" questions that make the interviewers' backs cool. Even if they have seen the lessons learned from countless "predecessors" on the Internet, the cases can be integrated. There is no standard answer, and many people sigh. "The interview can only do everything, listen to the fate."

Miss Zhang and Miss Su, who had completed the wedding interview several months ago, although the results were all happy to get the green card, but the interview process experienced two situations. One person puts the truth to the immigration officer, such as "the feelings are not so stable" and "will return to the country without getting married". I did not expect to be passed in less than ten minutes. The other person was separated from her husband from the beginning, and the questions were not too detailed.

Ms. Zhang said that she was married to a Chinese-American husband for one year and completed the interview at the end of last year. On the day of the interview with her husband, the immigration officer almost asked the two people's living habits to the bottom. On the same day, "the middle-aged male immigration officer who came to see the interview came to the face and knew that today may not be too good." Sure enough, after the two talents had just raised their hands and said that the sentence was true, the husband was called to another house to "interrogate", about 20 minutes before and after, only to come back and take a piece of material.

Miss Zhang revealed that it was only through the retelling of Mr. that the issue of immigration officials was not fine. First, I routinely asked Mr.'s work status, family background, address, who first pursued, etc., and then began targeted cross-examination. Because most of my parents and relatives live in San Francisco, I threw out "Does two people have seen each other's parents?" "Is there a bed in the parents' house?" "Why have you only agreed to get married on both sides?" Has the woman’s parents been to the United States?” It seems that they are visiting the authenticity of the two marriages. After the husband’s response is over, it is followed by a new round of more detailed questions.

The immigration officer then asked a series of home details, even personal privacy, including "Why do two people have a good income and rent with their roommates?" "Which side do you usually sleep on the same bed?" "How big is the bathroom?" Usually two people get up who will be the first to wait." Some of the questions even made Mr. feel embarrassed, and some were too detailed. They could only try to remember and answer, but there were also several questions that had to be answered “can’t remember” and “not very clear”.

The immigration officer has not stopped, continue to ask for details of life, and even ask questions about what brand of household goods such as toilet paper, who is responsible for purchasing. Miss Zhang said that at that time, the gentleman recalled that he almost collapsed. After that, the immigration officer asked her about ten minutes. The problem was quite complicated. After they came out, they thought they couldn’t pass the check. I didn’t expect to receive the approval notice three days later.

The same is the wedding interview. Miss Su, who was also interviewed at the end of last year, thought that it was too smooth and even a bit ridiculous. Miss Su said that in September last year, because OPT was due to return to China, she had already found a job in Shanghai. However, her boyfriend who had talked for more than eight months in the United States suddenly proposed marriage and let the two men hold a try. File a marriage green card application. During the interview, my husband’s mentality was very relaxed. I just wanted to leave if I passed, or I would return to work in China.

She revealed that when she was interviewed by the immigration officer with her husband, the other party first asked some background information of the two people, and then asked why the husband wanted to get married. The husband said bluntly, "If she does not agree with me, I will not see her, she may return. China went," and the immigration officer asked her again, "What is the relationship between the two now?" She bluntly said, "Although they love each other, they usually bicker and anger, so it is not easy." I didn't expect the visa officer to just laugh and talk, and then asked one or two irrelevant questions about going abroad. Less than ten minutes before and after the interview, the immigration officer said: Thank you very much for answering the questions very honestly. I will recommend you through your The case, I hope good luck. I did not expect to receive a notice of successful passage two days later.

When Bai Sihao, the mayor of New York for six years, did not expect that his news of participating in the 2020 US presidential election was exposed in advance. The news of the exposure was actually a high school student Fleischer in St. Louis, Missouri. The 17-year-old Gaby Fleischer is a political news lover and a well-known journalist. He has opened his own news channel on social networks, “wake up in the political news”, and now he has accumulated 5 Ten thousand subscribers. On May 15th, on an ordinary Wednesday, Fleischer ended the school exam and returned home early. He browsed social media Facebook as usual, and was suddenly drawn to attention by an event preview. The Democratic Party of Woodbury, Iowa, sent a message: "At 7 pm on May 17th, at 310 Virginia Street, welcome to join the first stop of President Mayor Bai Sihao's campaign."

"Bai Sihao has not announced his candidacy for the president?" Fleischer’s first reaction was that this was a big news. He quickly contacted the relevant agencies and hoped to confirm the news. Although the event organizer subsequently deleted the event notice, the astute Fleischer had already screened the event and then posted it on social media Twitter. As soon as the news came out, a lot of forwarding was obtained. As the news continued to ferment on social media, the mainstream media was not far behind, and they broke the confidentiality agreement with Bai Sihao's propaganda team and reported in advance the news that he would run for the US president. In this way, Bai Sihao, who was originally planning to announce the news to the outside world along with the New York morning on May 16, was confirmed in advance and became the 23rd candidate for the Democratic Party to run for the 2020 US president.

The US media has vividly joked that Bai Sihao’s candidacy has increased the number of Democratic presidential candidates to “two dozens”. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) predicts that if nothing unexpected, Bai Sihao should be the last candidate for the Democrats to declare his candidacy this year. "The current size of the Democratic Party has broken the historical record." CNN's current political commentary author Dean Obaidala believes that the Democratic Party's candidates are unprecedented in scale. One important reason is that they Competitor - the current US President Trump. CNN's polls show that Trump's recent support rate has dropped to 37%, setting a new low since he took office. Trump’s unpopularity and his blunt words on Twitter are enough to remind anyone who has the president’s thought that this year is the best time.

"This may be a chance for the Democratic Party to make a comeback." On the morning of May 16, New Yorkers saw Bai Sihao's official campaign advertisement. Bai Sihao in the video sits in a black SUV, while admiring the scenery along the way in New York, while expounding his campaign concept. A few minutes later, the host of "Good Morning America" ​​announced the results of a recent poll in the live broadcast, indicating that 76% of New York voters do not want Bai Sihao to run for the presidency. At the same time, high school student Fleischer wrote in his opening news article that "Today is Thursday, May 16, 2019, and there are 537 days from the 2020 US presidential election."

“Why not?” Hank Schenkoff, a political critic who has advised former US President Bill Clinton and stayed in New York, commented directly on Bai Sihao’s idea of ​​running for the US president. “From the perspective of Bai Sihao, He has nothing to lose, and the possibility of winning the presidential election is not without it." In front of Bai Sihao is a list of Democratic candidates with the most background in the history of US presidential elections. There are seven US senators, six members of the House of Representatives, three governors, four mayors, one entrepreneur, one writer, and one former vice president. Among them, six candidates were women, two candidates were black, one Asian, one Pacific Islander, and a homosexual background. The oldest of the contestants is Senator Bernie Sanders, 77 years old. The youngest candidate is California-based Rep. Eric Swawell, who is only 34 this year. There are experienced candidates who have been deeply involved in politics for decades, and there are also no political experience, such as Andrew Yang, a Chinese-born technology entrepreneur who is purely a cross-border attempt.

In the last general election, Hillary’s candidacy allowed many Democrats to quit, because with Hillary’s prestige, experience and fundraising ability, she was unparalleled in the party. This year, Hillary clearly announced that she will no longer stand for election, and more Democrats have seen their hopes. Among the many candidates, the 54-year-old Senator Kamala Harris, who announced his candidacy earlier this year, is particularly eye-catching. The California-based senator was elected the first female attorney general in California's history, and her African-American origin made her call her "female version of Obama." However, because there has never been a campaign platform and slogan that is more interesting to the public, Kamala’s current popularity is “high open and low”.

The US media believes that the most successful candidates are: former US Vice President Joe Biden, liberal representative, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. According to the latest polls, the three candidates currently rank among the top three in the Democratic Party. On May 17th and 18th, the famous political commentary website The Hill published the poll data. The results showed that 33% of Democrats or independent voters supported the visit to the White House, and Sanders’ support rate was about 14%. . This is followed by Warren, who received 8% of voter support.

As one of the "50 most influential female lawyers in the United States", Warren is a more promising female candidate in the Democratic Party. Warren announced her official candidacy in February of this year. Her campaign slogan is, "Let every American who follows the rules and works hard to be successful." And she is even more vocal, to let Trump "into the prison in 2020." Just 10 days after Warren announced his campaign, Sanders joined the campaign team. Sanders is the longest-serving member of Congress in American history. He has a good relationship with the union, advocates promoting universal health insurance, and promotes tuition fees for public universities. In the face of other candidates, he has become more familiar with his experience in the election.

Among the many candidates, the most anticipated by the public is former US Vice President Biden. On the morning of April 25th, US local time, with the announcement of the campaign propaganda film, the 76-year-old Biden officially announced that he will participate in the US 2020 presidential election. This decision was difficult for Biden. He had twice won the election and both failed. In 2008, he finally boarded the position of vice president with Obama. During the 2016 presidential election, Hillary, who had been eagerly awaited by the public, refused to stand for election because he had no intention of chasing the peak of power. However, after Trump came to power, Biden regained the president's dream.

What made him determined was a white supremacist parade in August 2017. On the same day, in Charlotteville, Virginia, thousands of white supremacists and “new Nazi” groups from all over the United States gathered together, shouting slogans, holding high Nazi flags, and even posing Nazi gestures. . Many opponents who came to the scene were attacked by white supremacists, and one of them was killed by a car.

In the face of such a racist tragedy, as the president of the United States, Trump not only did not have a clear-cut opposition, but instead vaguely stated that "both sides are very good people." Biden said that Trump’s phrase “let him feel shocked from his bones”, “From that moment on, I realized that this country is facing a threat that I have never seen in my life.” “Challenge Trang Pu, need an experienced, calm and steady person, lead the Americans to take a deep breath, and let the United States return to the right track." The core of Biden's campaign is to lead the United States back on track. "This may be a chance for the Democratic Party to make a comeback." The US "Atlantic Monthly" commented on Biden's candidacy.

According to a poll by the political commentary The Hill, Biden is currently the only Democratic candidate to support the current president Trump with a big advantage. The balance of an electoral route and strategy The statistics of the US "Politics" magazine, the preferences of American voters are now more and more diverse. "In the context of today's elections, white male candidates are the least popular. In general, if you are a woman, or you are a minority, or even a gay background, you may be more popular with voters." The current election, leading the Democratic candidates are still two white males Biden and Sanders. In the opinion of Politicians, this is not because voters have turned their back on their election preferences, but because all candidates face an ultimate problem. "Can you beat Donald Trump?"

The USA Today survey found an interesting phenomenon, and more and more Democratic voters said they are more interested in candidates who seem to have the power to defeat Trump, even if the candidate’s ruling point of view is not support. Of course, not every candidate has the opportunity to answer the question of “can beat Trump”. According to the mechanism of the Democratic National Committee, if a presidential candidate wants to participate in the first round of candidate debate, one of the following conditions must be met: First, the candidate must have more than 1% voter support in three official polls; Second, the candidate must receive donations from more than 65,000 voters. The contributors must be from at least 20 states in the United States, and each state must have more than 200 donors.

As of May 24, a total of 13 candidates met the conditions for receiving a vote of 65,000 voters, and 19 candidates had more than 1% voter support in more than three official polls. This means that there are 13 candidates with both conditions. The other three candidates were unsatisfied because of the above two conditions, and it was determined that the first round of debate of the Democratic Party candidate was missed. In this contest, the most eye-catching performance is still Biden. Within 24 hours of the official announcement of the election, Biden received donations from 97,000 voters from 50 states in the United States, totaling $6.3 million.

"For the rest of the candidates, if you want to win in the Democratic Party's primary election, you must first win Biden. But what is embarrassing is that everyone does not dare to act rashly, but hopes that others will first shoot." According to the review author, whit whit, from the current broad support of Biden, it is possible that candidates who may “debate a round of tour” should try to avoid attacking Biden. However, for Sanders, his main target should be Biden. The contest between Biden and Sanders is not only a contest between the two candidates, but also a trade-off between the electoral route and strategy.

The camp of candidates represented by Biden, including Minnesota female senator Amy Klobcher, and Montana Governor Steve Bullock, took the middle route. They are not radically opposed to the Republican Party. Such candidates are more likely to attract voters in the Midwest and Swing States, Republican voters who are dissatisfied with the Republican ruling, and blue-collar workers who have long wanted Trump to step down. The camp of candidates, represented by Sanders, such as Warren, represents a radical line of Democrats who are more likely to be ethnic minorities, young people, and democrats who are more educated, more open-minded and modern. Attractive.


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